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Autonomous; biographical.

I live in Minneapolis. I used to live on a farm then in a van around the United States of America, and before that, in shack, camper, house, duplex, trailer and elsewhere.

Raised in northeastern South Dakota, I attended SDSU and completed a degree in journalism in spring 2010. My official minor studies were english and professional writing, while I unofficially learned organization building, magazine publishing, time management and nearly came to grasp social-sphere balancing.

After a brief stint in Oregon working for the Hermiston Herald, I returned to my native Midwest at the beginning of 2011.

I worked at the St. Cloud Times from 2012 until the end of summer 2016.

Then I built a mobile home inside a former 15-passenger vehicle and traveled the country. I promoted Backwater Motors along the way.

After about six months on the road, I returned to Minnesota and moved to the Twin Cities. I've been dancing, loving life and working at a cabinet shop since.

My past word-related experiences include freelance writing, working a bit for the student newspaper at SDSU, founding a magazine, helping peers with university coursework and wading through others' job application processes. More on all that at the portfolio page.

Visit my ranging spaces in various social webs to learn a bit more about the man behind the bear logo (links at bottom-left).

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