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The Peg Leg

Demanded, then designed

I introduced myself to Photoshop in 2002.

Find a few samples of my past design work below. To return to portfolio page, click here.

» I designed this freelance poster in 2008 for campus and community publicizing.

» In 2008, I created this cover for a book of video display information.

» Citi Field in New York City, like Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, boasts a Daktronics display system.

» Part of my job at Daktronics was designing direct mail; we sent this to football architects.

» In 2010, I developed this freelance eight-page "future newspaper/website" for the Brookings Economic Development Corporation, Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce and South Dakota State University. I worked with city and university officials to write, design and layout the ficticious publication.

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call or text: 320 {-} 291 {-} 1956

Mitch-made, 2011-19.