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» "It was murder" � It's what the jury ruled after a rural Minnesota man killed two teens.

» "Atypical trio" � Jazzy cover for a music-section profile of The New Standards.

» "Sandy rips a perilous path after landing" � Action words in two columns told storm story.

» "Fit for a bishop" � Local diocese prepared for a new leader, textiles and all.

» "Woman killed; son arrested" � Sometimes, especially with large lede font, passive voice is OK.
» "Prepare for takeoffs" � A little fun with an air service announcement helped balance the gloom.

» "Gold in seeds" � The cover of our food section near St. Patrick's Day begged for a shining headline.

» "Bachmann ekes out a repeat" � Fun sounds, fun word.

» "Hello, Windy City" � I played off the mayor's Fonz-like action and a well-known nickname.

» "Bullies, beware of the orange" � Local cover words told the story and helped spread message.

» "Unraveling the mystery of Ritsche's millions" � A collaborative headline among desk, reporter and manager on an investigative project. Anything above that historical photo would have been fine, and the sounds in those three lines worked well.

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Mitch-made, 2011-19.