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Help me help you.

Easy as choose, send, wait (a bit).


Would you like me to look over a document? Perhaps you prefer a quick private lesson. Maybe you want to schedule regular meetings for your child. It's up to you. To help you decide, discover what I can do for you by clicking here.


Feel free to send your questions or documents by email to leclairmitch AT gmail DOT com (click here).

Wait (a bit)

After receiving your document, I will print a hard copy, check it for errors, scan edited copy and email it back to you. If you would prefer, I can correspond completely through physical mail.

I will respond to you within 24 hours, and if you have a small document you want checked, I can usually return an edited copy within one day. We all have busy lives, and you should not have to needlessly wait. When working with The Wordmitch, you won't have to.

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